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2020 UPE Annual Convention – The 2020 annual Convention of UPE will be held in Cyberspace on Friday, March 6, 2020 from 1:30-4:00 PM. (ET).  This Convention will again be hosted by the UPE Chapter at Florida International University.  The university’s generosity allows UPE Council members and UPE members at FIU to have live interaction with chapter representatives from a fully mediated teleconference studio.

Chapters are encouraged to identify at least one UPE representative who can be one of the live participants of the UPE Convention.  One highlight of the Convention will be the presentation of chapter reports from the various chapter representatives who have been chosen to receive one of the Outstanding Chapter Awards (described in the following section).  We also plan to have brief presentations by some of the 2019 UPE Scholarship recipients.

New UPE Executive Council Member – One major function of the Annual UPE Convention is to elect one new UPE Executive Council member who will serve a 5-year term beginning on March 7, 2020.  UPE Advisors will receive a follow-up email on this position. 

Chapters are encouraged to register for this Convention as soon as possible by sending the name and email address of their Convention representative to upe@acm.org.

UPE Outstanding Chapter Awards – UPE Outstanding Chapter Awards are designed to recognize chapters whose programs and activities have attained a high level of achievement during the most recent academic year.  UPE will present Two (2) cash prizes of $500 each which will be presented to applicant chapters who are designated as the top award recipients (recipients of an Outstanding Chapter Award).  One award will go to a small chapter (induct 20 or less new UPE members each year).  The second award will be presented to a large chapter (induct more than 20 members per year).  UPE will also present several $250 cash awards to chapters who submit applications for the chapter awards and are able to participate as live presenters during the Convention.

A copy of the Chapter Activity Report document can be downloaded from the UPE website.

2020 UPE Scholarship Applications – Current members of UPE who expect to be registered as regular students during 2020-2021 academic year, and have not previously received a UPE Scholarship Award, are encouraged to apply for a UPE Scholarship Award.  Award amounts will range from $1,000 to $3,000.

A copy of the UPE Scholarship Application form can be downloaded from the UPE website.  UPE presented more than $50,000 in scholarship awards in 2019.