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UPE NewsBrief - January 2015

Annual Convention of UPE - The 2015 Annual Convention of UPE will be held in Cyberspace from 1-3 PM (Eastern Time), on Friday, March 13, 2015, courtesy of the Graduate School of Computer & Information Sciences at Nova Southeastern University.  Convention activities will be "broadcast" live from the NSU Polycom Telepresence theater in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Council members look forward to meeting UPE chapter delegates at this forthcoming convention.  The Agenda for the Convention will be sent to Chapters via a separate email.

Convention Registration -
UPE Chapter Advisors and officers are encouraged to join the Executive Council as convention delegates during this two-hour live broadcast on March 13, 2015.  UPE will present a $50 cash award to each participating chapter.  You can register for the UPE Annual Convention by sending the name, email address, and postal address of your chapter representative to upe@acm.org before March 2, 2015.  Convention registrants will receive technical instructions from the NSU Polycom support team on the proper use of the NSU video conferencing system.

Awards - UPE Chapter Awards are based on the accomplishments and activities of a chapter during the past academic year - 2013 to the end of 2014 for the next award program.  Chapter applicants are encouraged to download the document Chapter_Award_Application_2015.pdf.   As noted in this application form, each chapter applicant is expected to provide a thorough summary of all chapter activities and accomplishments, and where appropriate, submit documenation and/or photos of these acitivites.  Application files must be received by March 4, 2015.  Council will present the following awards for 2015:

  • One  $500 Outstanding Chapter Award - Large Chapters (chapters that induct more than 20 UPE members per year).
  • One $500 Outstanding Chapter Award - Small chapters (chapters that induct 20 or less members per year).
  • One or more $250 Honorable Mention Chapter Awards
  • Chapters who submit a completed Chapter Award application but are not recipients of one of the the above awards will receive $100 from UPE.
Representatives from chapters who receive the Outstanding and Honorable Mention Awards are expected to make a Convention presentations on their chapter report.  Presenters will be given a maximum of three minutes for each chapter report.

More details on Chapter Awards can be found in the UPE website.

UPE Memorabilia - UPE members and chapters who wish to order memorabilia items (honor cord, stole, medallion, or the key pin) are encouraged to avoid last minute orders due to the high cost of express or overnight shipping of orders.  With the exception of overseas orders, UPE sends all orders via USPS Priority Mail.  This service generally allows for package delivery in 3 to 4 business days.  All orders must be pre-paid via Paypal or by check, if ordered via postal mail.  With the exception of weekends and holidays, orders received by 12:00 Noon (Pacific time) are shipped on the same day.  

UPE Scholarship Awards for 2015 - UPE members who expect to be registered as students in Fall 2015 are encouraged to submit their applications for the 2015 UPE Scholarship Awards.  The award amount for UPE's highest awards, the "named" awards and the Executive Council Awards, will be raised from $1,500 to $2,500 per award.  A copy of the UPE Scholarship Award application form can be downloaded from the document UPE_Scholarship_Form-2015.pdf.

Other UPE Awards

ACM and IEEE-CS Awards – UPE provides funds for four $1,000 scholarship awards to student members of the ACM.  Similar awards are presented to student members of the IEEE-CS.  Students who are interested in applying for these awards need to visit the websites of the ACM and the IEEE-CS for instructions on the submission of applications. 

ABACUS Award – The ABACUS Award is presented to an individual who has gained professional renown and whose accomplishments in the profession have greatly benefited students in the computing and information disciplines.  Further, the individual must have a history of active involvement in activities that align with the mission of UPE including, but not limited to ICPC-related events and other activities that have greatly benefited the educational aspects of the computing and information disciplines. 

ICPC Awards – During the 2014 ICPC World Finals in Ekaterinberg, Russia, UPE presented cash awards to programming teams who were judged to be the “first solvers” of problems posed at the ICPC.  Similar awards will be presented by UPE at the 2015 ICPC World Finals in in Marrakech, Morroco.  The summary of results and team standings for the 2014 ICPC World Finals can be found at http://icpc.baylor.edu/welcome.icpc.

CCSC– Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges – The CCSC receives an annual grant award from UPE to assist in student-related activities of the CCSC.