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UPE eBook to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of UPE

UPE eBook to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of UPE - In 2017, UPE will celebrate its 50th anniversary since its establishment at Texas A&M University in 1967. In honor of this historic event, the UPE Executive Council, through the efforts of the UPE Chapter at DePaul University, is in the process of creating an eBook about the most memorable activities of the Executive Council as well as of the Chapters of UPE. This eBook will be distributed to all UPE members in January 2017.

To collect data for the eBook, we invite the representatives of all UPE Chapters to fill out the survey at: http://tinyurl.com/UPE-ebook.

We are also interested in pictures, so if you have any that you would like to be considered for inclusion in the eBook, please upload them to http://bit.ly/1IG4N1j. Upload your pictures zipped under a folder named as your University and include a readme file that contains the names of the image files along with an explanation of what each image represents, the identity of people in each picture, etc.

UPE is requesting Chapters to respond to this “eBook request for information” before the end of the current semester. If you have specific questions about this project, feel free to send your inquiries to Dr. Daniela Raicu at draicu@cdm.depaul.edu.