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Official UPE merchandise is only sold on the official UPE web site.  UPE does not allow the UPE name or logo to be reproduced and sold outside of the official UPE web site.

The following items can be ordered from the UPE Headquarters. Note the shipping charges for all orders.  All items ordered are shipped immediately upon receipt of payment or order.  When paying by check, make your check payable to Upsilon Pi Epsilon and mail to the address shown below. 

An email order can only be accepted if this order is sent by the chapter advisor or the department. Chapter advisors can send their email orders to upe@acm.org. Include the chapter/department name and postal address with each order. The chapter advisor/department will be billed for this order.  Orders from chapter advisors and/or departments must also note and account for the shipping charges shown below.

All other orders must be pre-paid and the item(s) will only be shipped after receipt of the payment. Rush orders from individuals can be made via Paypal.

Send orders with your payment to (checks must be made payable to Upsilon Pi Epsilon):

Upsilon Pi Epsilon
California State University, Chico
c/o Orlando S. Madrigal
158 Wetlands Edge Road
American Canyon, CA 94503

For additional information, send email to upe@acm.org

UPE is now able to accept direct payments for memorabilia orders via credit cards, in addition to Paypal payments. 

Paying with a Credit Card:  Send via email to upe@acm.org a summary of your UPE memorabilia order along with the following information:

Name on Card: ______________________________________

Card Number:  __________________________

Expiration Date:  Month/Year _______________

Security Code:  _______  (3- or 4-digit code)

Amount to Charge to your card:  _________  (Add a shipping fee of $8 for Priority Mail and $18 for express/overnight shipping.)

[You can also submit the above information by phone by calling (530) 518-8488.]

USPS Priority Mail:
Orders of any combination of four (4) or less items must include $12 for USPS Priority Mail. Add this shipping charge after you enter the final item you wish to order and before clicking the Add to Cart button for your final item.

Five or more items:

Orders of five (5) or more items (any combination of 5 or more memorabilia items) must include $8 for USPS Priority Mail shipping. Add this charge after you enter the final item you wish to order and before clicking the Add to Cart button for your final items.

$15 UPE Carat-clad keypins

$20 Graduation stole (white with gold logo and lettering)

$15 Graduation honor cord (maroon & white)

$35 UPE signature book for use during the UPE initiation ceremony.

$52 UPE Banner (18"x 24") for use by UPE Chapters

$15 UPE Medallion (with maroon neck band)