The Convention

SECTION 1. The Convention, being duly assembled, shall be called to order by the International President. The International President shall appoint the Executive Director as Secretary Pro Tem who shall call the roll of the Chapters and examine the credentials of the delegates present. No delegate shall be permitted to represent more than one Chapter.


(a) The Secretary Pro Tem shall keep the minutes of the meetings and shall prepare two copies of the official Report of the Proceedings of the Convention. These copies shall be signed by the Secretary Pro Tem and shall be filed and kept permanently in the bound archives of UPE

(b) The Report of the Proceedings of the Convention shall be printed and stored electronically, and copies shall promptly be transmitted to Executive Council members, to the Chapters and to all newly elected officials.


(a) Each Regular Chapter shall send one active member as its official delegate to the annual Convention.

(b) After the close of the Convention, the Executive Council shall make an audit of the actual expenses of the Convention.

SECTION 4. Any member of UPE may be granted the privilege of the floor at a meeting of the Convention or of a Chapter.

SECTION 5. The Convention may suspend the Bylaws for a specified purpose by a three-fourths majority vote.

SECTION 6. Robert’s “Rules of Order” shall be the accepted practice of meetings of the Convention and of the Chapters, subject to the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of UPE.


SECTION 1. The Executive Council shall hold not less than one meeting a year. Minutes of these meetings shall be kept. Excerpts therefrom which may be of interest shall be published in the UPE website.  A complete file of Executive Council business and minutes shall be kept and shall be turned over to the Executive Council.

SECTION 2. The Executive Council shall assume active leadership of UPE. It shall study, or appoint committees for studying, such subjects as from time to time seem desirable. It shall attend to the bonding of all persons entrusted with the funds of UPE. The Council shall, on its own initiative, or by request, prepare legislation, amendments, proposals for change, etc., for consideration by the Chapters or the Convention.

SECTION 3. Communications from the Executive Council shall be acted upon by the Regular Chapters within one month, not counting regular college vacations, from the time of their receipt. Should any Chapter fail to report its action, or vote, on such a communication within six weeks, from the time of mailing, not counting regular college vacations, it shall forfeit its vote.

SECTION 4. The Executive Council shall make to each regular annual Convention a report containing the following items:

(a) A statement of the condition of UPE, both general and financial.

(b) The transactions of the Executive Council since the last Convention.

(c) All recommendations for the good of UPE which it may see fit to make.

(d) All subjects brought to its attention by the Chapters.

(e) All Chapters and members subject to discipline.

(f) Recommendations, if any for the annulment of Chapters and the withdrawal of Charters.


Regular Chapters

SECTION 1. There shall be an election of Chapter officers each year. Each Chapter shall notify the Executive Council of its new officers within one month of their election.

SECTION 2. It shall be the duty of each Chapter:

(a) To send promptly in the Fall of each year to the Executive Council of UPE lists of the names and post office addresses of the officers and the active members of the Chapter, and to report promptly all changes in their memberships which may occur during the year.

(b) To send to the Executive Council of UPE the Report of Election as specified in Article X, Section 4.

(c) To send to the Executive Council of UPE the Report of Initiation as specified in Bylaw VIII, Section 6.

(d) To send to the Executive Council of UPE, immediately upon receipt of the proper form or after their election, a duplicate of the credentials for the delegate and alternate to the ensuing Convention.

(e) To furnish to the Executive Council a copy of the Chapter’s Bylaws, amended to date, within 1 month of their adoption and amendment.

(f) To report to the Executive Council such items of news and of interest as to honors received, offices to which members of the Chapters have been elected, and the like, and also any cases of discipline which might affect the standing of one or more members on the rolls UPE.

(g) To carry on such other correspondence of the Chapter as the President may direct.

SECTION 3. The Chapter shall remit within 2 weeks after each initiation to the UPE Headquarters the stated amount of the initiation fee payable to UPE for each new initiate. This remittance shall
cover the costs of membership and purchases of UPE memorabilia. This sum shall be determined by the Convention, on recommendation of the Executive Council.



SECTION 1. Besides complying with Article VI of the Constitution of the Association an institution must complete all requirements prescribed by the Executive Council.



SECTION 1. Newsletter

SECTION 2. Pictures.

SECTION 3. All jewelry and memorabilia of the Association shall be standardized and approved by official Chapter proceeding and shall be purchasable only through the office of the Executive Council.

SECTION 4. No Chapter or individual member shall have the right to use the designs of the seal, key or crest of the Association for use on stationery or medals of unofficial jewelry, or for any other purpose, except upon authorization by the Executive Council.


Official Publications

(To be established.)


Election of Members

SECTION 1. For the purposes of this Bylaw, a credit-hour shall be defined as credit received for work done in any course requiring one hour of lecture or recitation work per week during a semester of 18 weeks, or three hours of laboratory work per week during a semester of 18 weeks. Quarter-hours of work shall be prorated accordingly.

SECTION 2. The method of computing the scholarship rating of a candidate shall be based upon the following schedule of grade points:

One credit-hour of “A” or “1” = 4 points

One credit-hour of “B” or “2” = 3 points

One credit-hour of “C” or “3” = 2 points

One credit-hour of “D” or “4” = 1 point

One credit-hour of “F” or “5” = 0 points

 SECTION 3. Grades expressed by letter or number shall be interpreted as having the following approximate significance.

“A”= “1” = Excellent

“B”= “2” = Good

“C”= “3” = Average

“D”= “4” = Passing

“F”= “5” = Failure

In institutions where other grading systems are in use, the Executive Council shall ascertain from the Registrar of the institution the equivalent percentage values of each grade.

SECTION 4. The scholarship rating shall be computed by multiplying the number of credit–hours in each course by the point value corresponding to the grade earned in that course, summing up the total points so computed, and dividing the sum by the total number of credit–hours. The final quotient shall represent the scholarship rating upon which election shall be based.

SECTION 5. When grades are stated in terms of “Satisfactory” and “Unsatisfactory” or “Passed” and “Failed,” the Executive Council shall have the power to set up its own method of arriving at the scholarship rating and administering it as the circumstances may require. Additional information should be secured as provided for in Article IX, Section 3 of the International Constitution.



SECTION 1. Each candidate shall be required to read the Constitution and the Bylaws of Upsilon Pi Epsilon Association before being initiated.

(a) A Chapter shall not initiate a candidate until he/she has paid his/her initiation fees in full. ln special cases, this provision may be waived for a candidate who has signed a note covering the initiation fees and any other indebtedness to UPE.

(b) The Chapter shall be financially responsible to UPE for the collection and payment to UPE of the initiation fee of each initiate which is payable to UPE.

SECTION 3. As part of the initiation ceremonies, each initiate shall sign the roll book of the Chapter, giving his/her full name and permanent post office address. These pledges shall be serially numbered from the establishment of the Chapter.

SECTION 4. Every initiate shall be given a certificate of membership, a UPE member number, and a UPE memorabilia.

SECTION 5. A list of new members initiated, giving the full name, permanent address and class of each initiate and the date of his/her initiation shall be sent to the headquarters of UPE immediately after each initiation.

Updated March 2007