UPE Scholarship Award –Applications are due on October 31, 2024
UPE/ACM Scholarship Award – Applications are due on September 16, 2024

As is our custom, each summer the Executive Council of UPE evaluates a number of outstanding scholarship applicants at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. All scholarship applicants are required to complete a comprehensive application form which requires each applicant to attach all college-level transcripts, UPE adviser recommendation and statements from applicants related to their contributions to their respective UPE chapters and related student activities at their university, as well as their long-term plans for the profession.  All documents related to the Scholarship Application process must be submitted as pdf files to

UPE Scholarship Awards – Applications for the 2024 UPE scholarship awards are due on October 31, 2024. Awards will range from $1,000 to $3,000. UPE members are encouraged to apply for one of these awards.

Each UPE chapter can submit one undergraduate and one graduate application. As noted above, completed applications must be submitted as pdf files and must include a Chapter Advisor recommendation. Prospective applicants should note that an incomplete application cannot be considered for an award. To receive the cash award, each scholarship recipient must be registered for a regular program of study at a college or university in Fall 2024 or Winter/Spring 2025. Awards will be announced Fall 2024.

UPE/ACM Scholarship Award – Applications are due on September 16, 2024

UPE and the ACM wish to encourage academic excellence for students in the computing and information disciplines. UPE initiated this award with ACM I order to raise the importance of academic achievement and professional commitment to ACM student members who are about to enter the computing profession.

UPE provides four awards of $1,000 each for the UPE/ACM Scholarship Awards. Winners will also receive a certificate of commendation from UPE.

Who is Eligible: All graduate and undergraduate students (past 12th grade, college-level and above), who are ACM members and also members of the ACM Student Chapter at their academic institution.

Criteria: ACM student members who are full-time students, and members of an ACM Student Chapter at an academic institution. The primary judging categories for these two awards are the applicant’s academic records (official transcripts must be attached to each application), the tone of the faculty member’s recommendation, and the applicant’s ACM Chapter and/or department-related activities. Questions related to these awards can be directed to